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13/06/2005 · I've been getting this weird type of discharge lately. In the past i always have gotten discharge but lately its been so liquidy it really feels like i'm peeing myself. I wear a pantiliner and it soaks right through my pantiliner. The color on my pantiliner isn't yellow though. If it was pee would it be. 23/09/2019 · Let's talk about this weird "down there" thing. I always have discharge in my underwear and sometimes it feels like I wet myself. 😳 It’s really uncomfortable—is there anything I can do.

06/11/2019 · I had such watery discharge I thought I peed myself. Has anybody had copious amounts of watery discharge that it feels like you gush every time you move or. discharge like i peed my pants. I am getting alot of discharge I know it normal to get it but I am getting alot of it like i peed my pants. this morning well lying in bed I though I started my period it felt like it but when i checked it was clear discharge what could that mean? thank you. gooey snot-like discharge ? It's every d. Health related message boards offering discussions of numerous health topics including allergies, cancer,. 20 of 29 for discharge feels like pee. 0.008 seconds Vaginal discharge.feels like i'm peeing. In the past i always have gotten discharge but lately its been so liquidy it really feels like i'm peeing myself. I am having frequent watery like discharge from my vagina. It comes and goes but I am half tempted to wear a tampon because it is that bad. I can feel it coming out and it almost feels like I'm peeing myself. I have had problems with cysts before, my grandmother had cancer of the uterus, and my mother had a tumor on her uterus when she was 18.

06/06/2011 · Anyone else having alot of clear, odorless discharge? I feel it throughout the day and it feels like I've peed in my pants! I am now 4wks 5d. Anyone else having alot of clear, odorless discharge?. Feel like I'm peeing on myself. arnpbride. June 2011 in February 2012 Moms. I am 28 and for the past year I have been having extra discharge: non-smelly but very gooey, thick, stringy white to clear discharge. When it first got bad enough that I noticed it one day I realized it looked like I had peed my pants at work so I went home sick out of embarassment I went to the gyno and he just said "it looks like you are. 25/03/2011 · The discharge is white and has no odor but there is a lot more than usual, and I leak pee sometimes it started happening like 2 months ago and i want to know what it means. and What should i. 24/10/2011 · I constantly feel like I am peeing my pants. But when I go to the bathroom I haven't. It seems like my vagina is letting out air or something. There is always some white mucous stuff after it happens. What does this mean? I don't know how else to put.

I'm a male and just recently it feels like I'm peeing my pants when not. It just started about two weeks ago. It just happens out of the blue. I will get a warm feeling down there that I can only describe as like peeing my pants when I am not. There is no particular time when it happens, it just happens for a few seconds then goes away.

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